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Are you becoming an Inbound Organization?

Most organizations do not know how to grow by adapting to the new buyer reality. We created a framework that guides you through the steps of the transformation to a build a culture that attracts the best people, enables the best relationships, builds engagement both internally and with prospects and customers, that will grow your business.

Are you ready for the future?

Answer these essential questions about your business as it stands today and see where you need to improve to build your organization into one that is Inbound - one that attracts, builds, and maintains the relationships you need to grow.

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Does your company have the right organizational structure to deliver what modern buyers demand?

Does company leadership believe that buyers have evolved?

Will your leadership team support fundamental changes to the company to accomodate inbound principles?

Mission & Vision

Does the company currently have domain knowledge or experience that provides a true competitive advantage?

How do you view the future of your organization?

Does your company have a customer-focused mission that employees can rally around?


Does your business culture align with the recent changes in buyer behavior?

Do you spend time cultivating a corporate culture that inspires employees to do their best work?

Is it hard to identify and recruit good people to work for your company?

Inbound Operating System

Do you communicate decisions effectively to everyone in the organization?

Do you share essential information throughout your organization as a matter of course?

What is the philosophy behind your decision making?

How do you manage your meetings?

Do you use NPS to generate feedback?


Do you have a documented strategy to accomplish your business goals?

Do you identify, document, and use a specific ideal buyer persona to focus everyone on a targeted customer?

Do you think about and document your strategic omissions, the things you will not be working on?

Marketing & Sales Process

Do you practice Inbound Marketing to generate leads and customers?

Does your sales organization practice Inbound sales to close more deals?

What is your view of prospecting?

What is your content creation philosophy?


Can you easily collect accurate data to ensure you are tracking against plan?

What is your thinking about chat / bots / automation / technology?

Do your customer facing employees have a centralized view of the customer?

Customer Service & Success

Our service department is...

Where do we turn when we want to increase revenue?

Do you proactively help customers achieve success with your product or service?

Back Office

Do your back-office business processes align with the changes in buyer behavior?

Do finance and accounting help your customer experience?

Does your IT department help the customer facing teams deliver a great experience?


Do you have a co-marketing or partner network to help you build a community around your ideas?

Do you intentionally build a deep and valuable ecosystem?

Do you put your company at the center of an ecosystem that includes employees, stakeholders, partners, vendors, associations, customers, and competitors as a way to build a unique competitive advantage?

Your result is:

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Where do you rank on the Inbound Organization scale?

  • 33 to 66: There is a lot of work to do to transition to an Inbound Organization.
  • 67 to 115: Leadership should focus on the core areas needing improvement.
  • 116 to 165: You are on your way to becoming an Inbound Organization.

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